Ballet Recital

All that hard work paid off! We had two performances last Sunday, and they went great! To start off the day, I had a big breakfast with berries, yogurt, and a nut/seed mix I put together. Look for a post on that easy, 5 minute granola/trail-mix soon! A couple hours later, I had a snack… Continue reading Ballet Recital

Rehearsal & Choreography for Ballet Recital

I’m super excited!!!! You know why? Tomorrow is our end-of-year ballet performance:) At my studio, every level performances a piece that our teachers choreograph. This year, we began practicing in March. There are 3 sections, which total up to about 10 minutes. Each piece is so different! The first one starts out really pleasant. In… Continue reading Rehearsal & Choreography for Ballet Recital

Roll-up, guacamole, mixed veggies

Anyone ever tried paleo coconut wraps? These are on the expensive side, but when you add cheese and ham, then crisp the ends in the oven, it’s makes a great roll-up:) Made just out of coconut, it’s a way to keep your heated food together, AND it’s yummy in my opinion. It’s hard to expect much… Continue reading Roll-up, guacamole, mixed veggies