Nigella’s Grain Free cake

First of all, the reason I ate this cake was all because of a woman (and a great cook) named Meredith. Technically, this treat came from Nigella’s website, which Meredith read, and I devoured the cake left-overs from the party. I believe that Meredith added some cinnamon, so feel free to add extra spices! There… Continue reading Nigella’s Grain Free cake

Smoothie, eggs, beets/greens

YUMMY!! Here is something that is perfect for either…. A. Using up left-overs B. The craving for something fresh C. A way to bring some variety in, but still a meal with protein, fat, carbs   First of all, I included a smoothie for some carbs. Smoothies are so versatile, (you can even freeze this… Continue reading Smoothie, eggs, beets/greens

Sweet potatoes, carrots, dips

I love carrots! Number 1, they add a color pop to any meal. Therefore, the dish is made colorful. Also, they have beta-carotene and vitamin A, which are types of vitamins. My vision is going to be spectacular;) Just kidding, I’m not that science-ey to know if that statement is proven true. Which leads me… Continue reading Sweet potatoes, carrots, dips

Easter Brunch

I’m not going to lie, I had this for dinner! However, the night of my weird dinner, when I was using up left-overs, made it possible for your delicious Easter brunch… Colorful, and I got into being festive with an egg! You don’t even have to put this combo together on Easter, either. ┬áIn fact,… Continue reading Easter Brunch