Fall/Summer cooking

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I have written a blog post! Let’s get right down to some fall/summer cooking…. First of all, I wanted to show you this colorful image I took. All these fruits and veggies were from the summer/fall market! Isn’t that arrangement beautiful? There are some crisp apples, an Asian… Continue reading Fall/Summer cooking

Fuel for Summer Dance Intensive

  I can’t believe I’m already 1/2 way through Summer Dance Intensive. It’s been so much fun!!! Not only have I done ballet, but I’ve worked on Jazz, Modern, and Character. So, when I got high heels for character, that was my first time in a heeled shoe like that! However, I would call pointe shoes the extreme high heel;) We… Continue reading Fuel for Summer Dance Intensive

Grilled Chicken, Polenta, Colorful Veggie Mix

  My gluten-free cousin and I got together over Memorial day weekend. Guess what kind of festive meal we had? GRAIN FREE!!! From moist chicken to yummy polenta, it was a great meal! That was just yesterday, and we were having a splendid time , creating this blog post together😃 Let’s start off with the… Continue reading Grilled Chicken, Polenta, Colorful Veggie Mix

Chicken skewers, snap peas, hash browns

Grilled to perfection! These were the yogurt marinated chicken skewers I promised in this post that I would write about. Well, here is the beautiful dish consisting of hash browns, chicken, and some fresh greens. As I talked about in my other grilling post, these chicken skewers were pre-seasoned, and already skewered. I’m telling you, the raw… Continue reading Chicken skewers, snap peas, hash browns

Re-creating potatoes, carrots, chicken

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, and I decided that I would finally create some additional posts on re-creating. This page is soon to be full of grain free meals I’ve eaten at a restaurant, PCC, or Whole Foods, and the picture/description of when I re-created a similar dish (hopefully just as… Continue reading Re-creating potatoes, carrots, chicken

Chicken, carrots, and hash browns

Anyone else just love the taste of roasted carrots and caramelized onions? I don’t know why veggies are so addictive when they’re roasted and drenched in healthy oils… Plus, in the potatoes from the picture above, it felt like I was eating sticky rice because of the texture from the hash browns. I wasn’t exactly… Continue reading Chicken, carrots, and hash browns

Fresh Thanksgiving Lunch

I decided to finally share this lunch that’s been stored up in my camera roll for months! Also, I thought I’d share my method for cooking Brussels sprouts, because in the picture were some greens from the deli at PCC. Included in my portable lunches a lot of times are Brussels sprouts, and I have… Continue reading Fresh Thanksgiving Lunch