Ballet Recital

All that hard work paid off! We had two performances last Sunday, and they went great! To start off the day, I had a big breakfast with berries, yogurt, and a nut/seed mix I put together. Look for a post on that easy, 5 minute granola/trail-mix soon! A couple hours later, I had a snack… Continue reading Ballet Recital

Rehearsal & Choreography for Ballet Recital

I’m super excited!!!! You know why? Tomorrow is our end-of-year ballet performance:) At my studio, every level performances a piece that our teachers choreograph. This year, we began practicing in March. There are 3 sections, which total up to about 10 minutes. Each piece is so different! The first one starts out really pleasant. In… Continue reading Rehearsal & Choreography for Ballet Recital

Sleeping Beauty Performance

It’s happened! Sleeping Beauty has concluded… What a great production! I have lots to tell about, but this post will be about the final performance in my hometown. Guess what? The tickets were almost sold out! Here’s how this fun Saturday evening began.. The day was gorgeous, so my dad grilled Carne Asada. I’m writing… Continue reading Sleeping Beauty Performance

Sleeping Beauty Rehearsal

IT’S SPRING TIME! As well as the sun coming out, that means a spring ballet performance… I even get to be in “Sleeping Beauty” this year:) Guess what?! There’s a tech rehearsal this Friday, dress Saturday, and the first performance finally on Sunday. In approximately 72 hours (From Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, 24 hours… Continue reading Sleeping Beauty Rehearsal