Fall/Summer cooking

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I have written a blog post! Let’s get right down to some fall/summer cooking….

First of all, I wanted to show you this colorful image I took. All these fruits and veggies were from the summer/fall market!


Isn’t that arrangement beautiful? There are some crisp apples, an Asian pear, lemon cucumbers, a regular cucumber, tomatoes, shallots, and broccoli. I love adding diced shallots into ham/cheese coconut wraps! Have you ever tried a sliced cucumber with ham and whipped goat cheese on top? It’s delicious!!

imageNow, let’s move on to soup… In my opinion, a great time for soups are fall and winter, and spring and summer are great for grilling. Now, ice-cream is for anytime of the year;) Anyways, my mom actually got this recipe from a friend. It consists of boiled ground beef, carrots, potatoes, and some salt/pepper!! Also, this calls for a ton of fresh bay leaves while the soup is cooking (take them out when the meal is ready though). Instead of using broth, the liquid in this soup is water. Especially if you add in chips, cheese, and/or avocado, you can really taste some nice flavors.

As the weather is getting crisper, and the leaves are falling off the trees, you know that a school year has begun. That also means a new ballet year has started!!! Almost every week day, I have ballet to look forward to after school. In the evenings, I typically work on homework, relax, and pack lunches for the next day. This was a lunch I brought to school the other day.


Chicken salad and parmesan cubes (Whole Foods), lettuce, apple, chocolate Larabar, tortilla chips.

I hope you enjoyed my mix of back-to-school, fall, and summer food ideas!!










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