Taco Salad & Icy Drink

Left-overs are awesome:) For all the people that are planners…. Isn’t it so much easier/quicker if you get double the meat and veggies on the front end? Then you can cook up a nice meal the night before, and still have a delicious lunch (that doesn’t require the stove/oven) the next day. My mom discovered a cook-book with tons of delicious recipes, and I watched/questioned as she cooked up some ground beef (inspired by the cook-book). Normally, when we are preparing ground beef, it turns out quite spicy. This round had some sweetness, and it was really moist as well! Brown sugar was where the sweetness came in, and tomato sauce helped the meat not get dry. After adding some avocado, cilantro, and fresh tomatoes to the meat/lettuce, all we needed were some Que Pasa tortilla chips.

I also wanted to share a refreshing drink that would be a nice addition to this meal. (Any meal really!) My creative side was coming out, and I wanted something icy and cold. This is actually quite simple, but it turned out yummy;) All I did was mix orange juice, fresh squeezed lemon juice (1/2 a lemon) a little water, and some ice. Hits the spot when it’s really warm outside!! Also, in the winter when sicknesses are going around, a favorite of mine is hot water, lemon juice, honey, and sliced strawberries. Delicious!!!!

Icy and Fruity

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