Fuel for Summer Dance Intensive


I can’t believe I’m already 1/2 way through Summer Dance Intensive. It’s been so much fun!!! Not only have I done ballet, but I’ve worked on Jazz, Modern, and Character. So, when I got high heels for character, that was my first time in a heeled shoe like that! However, I would call pointe shoes the extreme high heel;) We also had additional classes centered around ballet. Technique is every morning to warm up, as well as Pantomime for acting, Repertoire, Pointe, and Variations. I love variations!!! We have been learning some Fairy variations from Sleeping Beauty. Of course, the various classes are spread out in the week. In order to have energy & fun, my lunchbox has been packed full of filling meals and snacks. Every morning or night before dance, I pack a full lunch, fruit, and a grain free muffin. Of course, I always have my ballet bag stash:)


Nut/seed/dried fruit mix, pumpkin seeds, dried cherries, chocolate Lara Bar, fruit bar, almond butter cup, honey/almond nougat

To start the day off right, I have Straus yogurt, chopped pecans, cocoa nibs, and fresh berries. These are a couple July breakfasts I’ve eaten before an intensive day. The second picture was taken mid-way into eating, but it was perfect for Independence Day!



Sometimes we get a snack/late lunch, other times an early lunch. Snacks are when the fruit/muffins/mixes come into play. As for lunches, here are a couple yummy ones I’ve made so far.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Guess what kind of cheese is in the slide with the guacamole, ham, chips and blueberries? It’s called Gjetost. Believe it or not, Gjetost is a Norwegian cheese that tastes like caramel!!! I would say it’s delicious. Here is an article that describes the cheese a little more in depth. I’ve found this cheese at multiple grocery stores, so it’s not strictly sold in Norway. The article writer even made this cheese into a fondue!!! That makes it even better to read.

Apart from my snacks/meals packed, sometimes my friends and I will walk down to a frozen yogurt shop. Of course, only when we have a break;) Here was some delicious yogurt I bought the other day. This consisted of of chocolate and some tart frozen yogurt.


I can’t wait for the weeks to come of dancing:):):)


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