Scouting out a Bavarian Town

Not too long ago, my family and I went on a vacation. Luckily, our destination was in the warm sun:):):) On the way to/from, we stopped in a Bavarian town. This town cracks me up, because even the chain restaurants, such as Cold stone and Starbucks, are decorated as Bavarian! Here are a couple pictures I took.



On the way there, we stopped by Starbucks (not yet in the Bavarian town) and I got an iced green tea. I also drank this refreshing tea on  the way back. Blue is an awesome color, and I was wearing my favorite summery dress when walking around.

Iced green tea on my lap


First off, we ate at a restaurant with really cool outside seating! All through-out the town, there were water misters for when it gets so hot out! These were displayed creatively on the deck, and were really fun to look at! I also took some pictures from up there!!



That restaurant had some delicious food, and we were all feeling satisfied! I had a burger with no bun, and they had a spicy sauce for a nice addition!



However, gelato was still a great ending to that meal. This cold treat was the best it could be because…It was chocolate!!!!

Soon, we were on our way to the real destination… An hour or two away from this unique town. I had some great meals there, as well, but I’m going to talk about when we stopped at the Bavarian town on the way back home. Just like before, we packed along popcorn, fruit, and chocolate to snack on. The long drive wasn’t too bad with such a pretty view out the window!

Instead of eating on the deck, we ate at a different restaurant, out on the patio. This was more of a bratwurst/barbecue place, so my meal choice was different. I had bratwurst with mustard sauce, along with tortilla chips and salsa we shared around the table. After eating, my mom and I stopped by a cute jewelry store. I got some really cute flower earrings, that are surprisingly light-weight!

It was so delicious, that we stopped by the gelato place again. This time, I got the blood orange sorbet.

imageI had so much fun!

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