Nigella’s Grain Free cake

First of all, the reason I ate this cake was all because of a woman (and a great cook) named Meredith. Technically, this treat came from Nigella’s website, which Meredith read, and I devoured the cake left-overs from the party. I believe that Meredith added some cinnamon, so feel free to add extra spices! There were a couple advantages for me after this cake was baked.

  1. I discovered a really cool blog!
  2. I had two slices that night, and a ton of left-overs….


You know what the left-overs meant? A variation on my breakfast! Think about it… I normally have yogurt, pecans, cocoa nibs, and berries for breakfast. This is berries, yogurt, and cake. You know why there’s nothing wrong with this cake for breakfast? (In my opinion:) This cake does contain sugar, but it allows you to pack on lots of protein with the eggs and almond flour.

Of course, with that much cake, I had to go back for more ice-cream;)


Crumbled cake, blueberries, tart cherries, Fage yogurt


Same as first day of left-overs:):)


Crumbled cake, Straus yogurt, fresh Rainier cherries (halved), blueberries/raspberries from our garden:)


I would say those yogurt/fruit/cake combinations are like crumbled cheese-cake. Right?

You have the moist cake (Did I say it is NOT dry?), yogurt replacing the cream cheese, and some fruits for freshness!  It’s a healthy cheesecake, that’s been turned into a breakfast/snack/dessert. SCORE!!!!! I hope you visit Nigella’s blog. If you’re reading this, thank you Meredith for putting in the effort to make a grain-free treat!



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