Ballet Recital

All that hard work paid off! We had two performances last Sunday, and they went great! To start off the day, I had a big breakfast with berries, yogurt, and a nut/seed mix I put together. Look for a post on that easy, 5 minute granola/trail-mix soon! A couple hours later, I had a snack consisting of some poisonous muffin and fruit. Poisonous muffins are like  banana bread (loaded with chocolate), and we found the recipe on this fabulous website! Still wondering why my mom and I call them poisonous muffins? In this case, the definition for that word is:

Poisonous- Tastes better than muffins with wheat, perfect for chocolate-lovers, is kept away from brother/dad!

That’s right… My mom and I may or may not have a stash in the freezer… The boys can eat regular muffins… That’s fair, right?!


After putting on my leotard and tights, and doing my bun, we headed off to the studio for a warm up class. By now it was about 11:30 in the morning, so I had a little time to get situated before the class from 12-1. We were combined with the level above us, so it was really fun! My teacher taught the class a really fun combination across the floor. It involved Pas de chats and the steps called tombe pas de bourreeGuess what was sitting on my bag when I came out? A tin full of hot macaroni! That’s right… We found elbow noodles made from corn. It was by the fabulous company DeBoles! I will also make a post on the macaroni from scratch and copycat tiger mountain chili mac we made with this corn pasta! For now, you just have to trust me it was delicious!!!! I devoured it, and didn’t stop eating until all the creamy macaroni was finished!

This was from the first day we made the macaroni:)

We quickly drove home to pick up a few things, and then headed off to the stage. In this time, my mom did a light layer of make-up on me, and I grabbed some food to carry me through. Here is what I packed in my lunch bag: A coconut wrap roll-up with chicken and cheese, a large tin full of fruit, a package of dried mango, along with a big bag of coconut popcorn. I also brought a bucket of popcorn for the other dancers. It’s a big hit for hungry ballerinas, especially when we were at the stage from 1:30 to 7:30. That’s why I always keep my bag filled with extra dry snacks… Larabars, chocolates, dried fruit, almond nougats, all the yummy snacks!! It was super thoughtful,  because my friend brought me a blueberry muffin Lara bar when they were having cookies. Ever had the blueberry muffin Lara bars? They are super good, and I love the dried blueberries (and the blueberry flavor) all through-out the Lara bar.

We hadn’t performed this piece on stage yet, so we had a dress rehearsal about an hour after arriving. Our outfits are normally pretty simple for the June recitals, so we had a really cute lavender leotard, and a white skirt over our tights. I was really glad my hair went up into a bun so nicely, you don’t want extra little hairs! Our formations felt a little more spread out than in the studio, so I was glad for the dress rehearsal… Always good to have a trial run!

My teacher came to watch the first performance, so I started out with tons of positive energy. I could feel my cheeks getting sore from smiling, too much happiness;) The first performance was down, one to go!

We stretched, ate our snacks, and excitedly chattered for a couple hours. Before we knew it, the 4:00 audience was leaving, and the people watching the second show were arriving. I had lots of excited nerves for this performance, because my mom, dad, brother, grandma, and grandpa were all coming!!

As soon as the other level finished their piece, we formed our 3 lines backstage. After our piano player got his sheet music set up, my friend counted on her fingers, and we walked out on demi pointe. Then, we stood in B plus with our arms 5th high. B plus is a Tendue to the back, with your knees touching, and the standing leg straight, with the other leg bent. Sounds confusing, but it’s actually a pretty simple standing position.

After finishing the second piece, the audience began clapping. They clapped so hard, we started the second piece, and it was like the music was muted for a moment when the clapping gradually stopped. The third piece was really fun as well, and I was glad I didn’t fall out of my turns! After it was over, we all came to the realization that we wouldn’t be at ballet together until summer!

Once the show was over, I put my skirt on over my leotard, and met my mom in the lobby. The day was really sunny, so we walked over to the rest of my family outside. My dad gave me some really pretty flowers, including a shade of pink I really like.

A couple other friends and I wanted to celebrate all our hard work, so we walked down to the frozen yogurt store. I got chocolate/tart frozen yogurt, along with coconut flakes and strawberries on top. It was delicious. A really cold treat was just what I wanted to finish off the fun day:)

That was yummy:):):)

I always love performing, and I can’t wait to be onstage for The Nutcracker next year!!

2 thoughts on “Ballet Recital

  1. This won’t be my last comment, I enjoy your posts so much. I like the way you added the french words in italic font, and the links to recipes on other blogs– I am excited about that muffin recipe, and fun photos including the empty container- clever!


  2. Thanks! I really have appreciated all your support and comments. It’s been really fun to learn the real definitions of ballet steps, and to identify my thoughts when dancing the combinations!


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