Rehearsal & Choreography for Ballet Recital

I’m super excited!!!! You know why? Tomorrow is our end-of-year ballet performance:) At my studio, every level performances a piece that our teachers choreograph. This year, we began practicing in March. There are 3 sections, which total up to about 10 minutes. Each piece is so different! The first one starts out really pleasant. In the first piece, one of my favorite parts is when we do a series of Bourrées  across the stage.  The second section is probably my favorite section, because it’s really lively and upbeat! We have one combination in this section that I really enjoy. If you click on the ballet vocabulary words I’m using, I linked most of them to definitions! First, we do a Soutenu, which leads us into two Pas de basques. The Pas de basques then lead into one more Soutenu. We repeat this combination twice. After doing this quick combination, we do a type of jump called a Ballotté directly after. These jumps are really fun, but I can assure you that they take coordination and practice, practice, practice.

If you want to hear my inner-thinking while doing these steps, here are the beats (or sounds) playing in my head: Bu du du du du du du (First Soutenu)…… Dun du du du (First Pas de basque)….. Du dun du du (Second Pas de basque)…… du dun du du (2nd Soutenu).

I never have really thought about the patterns going on in  my head while doing such a simple combination! Of course, the musical sounds in my head would probably make more sense if you knew the music;)

After we all do a Petite Allegro combination, the ending pose of the second part is everyone kneeling. First, in the final section, we gracefully walk (on demi Pointe), and form a semi-circle. We start out with a couple slow moves, involving lots of technique and head movements. Next,  we do a couple big jumps, and then run into our spots to do Piqué Turns. After running into a new formation, I have a part with 2 other girls where we do a couple turns (including Fouetté turns). It’s a really fun piece! At the end, we run back into our starting formation, and I feel like that pulls it all together😃

We had a couple hours in between Saturday morning ballet class, and the dress rehearsal, so my ballet friends and I walked around town/the beach. My mom was nice to pack me a Ham/cheese roll-up, along with some fresh fruits. I also ate some dried mango I had packed in my lunch bag. Have you ever had dried mango? It kind of tastes like candy, with all the natural sweetness! It’s so cool that grocery stores have cherries in stock already! We first stopped by the Farmer’s Market, and I saw these giant snap peas! Large snap peas are the best:) It’s not the full market yet, so the stand with chocolate ice-cream bars wasn’t there yet. However, after walking down around the beach (and feeling the warm sand), my chocolate cravings were satisfied! There’s a frozen yogurt shop on the route back up to the studio, so I got chocolate frozen yogurt.

7 thoughts on “Rehearsal & Choreography for Ballet Recital

  1. 🙂 love the pic of your well loved ballet shoes! How fun to read about your journey of learning the choreography, and then getting to see the finished product. Wonderful!!


  2. Fondufondue I really love how when you write you put so much detail into what you are saying. I’m sure all the other readers that read this (including me) like all the detail😊


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