Spicy Beef stuffed avocado and chips

Have you seen all the stuffed avocado dishes on the Internet? Well, I made my own! Plus, I used up the left-over meat from the fridge! My first attempt at the stuffed avocado was ground beef. I was thinking Mexican seasonings would go great inside an avocado, because people make guacamole with cumin and chili powder all the time! Some cilantro is on top for a garnish, and it adds a surprisingly distinguished flavor.

I’m hoping to make a post soon on a simple chicken tortilla soup, which I add cilantro as well as green onions into. This one is like a re-creation of Las Brisas’s tortilla soup:) I’m finding that I really enjoy the foods at Las Brisas, and I like making their dishes at home (with slight variations) as well!

This avocado was just a quick lunch last summer that came out of foodie inspiration. I’m glad I was inspired, because I want to make this again soon with a new type of meat! Maybe I could do some grilled chicken breast…

Sprinkled about is some corn, and a handful of tortilla chips on the side! This way, you can eat it with a spoon, a fork, or shovel in the deliciousness  with chips. So many options!! As always, you can change this depending on your taste-buds and what you have in the house, but I hope you have been inspired! Ever tried sweet potato chips? These would go great with this dish!

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