Grilled Chicken, Polenta, Colorful Veggie Mix


My gluten-free cousin and I got together over Memorial day weekend. Guess what kind of festive meal we had? GRAIN FREE!!! From moist chicken to yummy polenta, it was a great meal! That was just yesterday, and we were having a splendid time , creating this blog post together😃

Let’s start off with the pre-dinner snacks, or appetizers, if that suits your fancy😉

After playing some competitive basketball 😉, we munched on Que Pasa corn tortilla chips and Sweets and Beets chips. They were dipped in homemade-ish guacamole. To explain the “ish” after homemade, we mixed avocado, spices, hot sauce, onions, and lime with PCC’s pico de gallo.

Here are some specifics to our Memorial day meal:
This meal began by my cousin and I plopping a bed of cheesy polenta onto our plates. Some main ingredients in this delish polenta were milk, corn grits, chicken stock, and parmesan. We soon topped this cheesy delight with half a piece of grilled chicken breast. Two big flavor components of this grilled chicken were chili and lime.

On the side were roasted carrots, Kalamata olive halves, and fresh greens.

Here were our final plates of yummy food! The greens and olives were added to the roasted carrots by that point.



Since Memorial day marks the beginning of summer (😃) we had a contest to see who ate the most watermelon slices after dinner!

Happy memorial day, and enjoy some flavorful foods!

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