Cornbread, colorful veggies, deli ham

First of all, this cornbread is so simple!!! You know why? It’s just corn flour. No wheat flour, and no added rice flours like in gluten free cornbread. However, I can’t take credit for this fabulous recipe. Here is a link to the blog where I got this mouth-watering recipe.

Gluten Free Cornbread

Basically eggs, yogurt/butter, honey, corn grits. She is a genius, and made me feel normal eating this:) The texture is a little grittier, so I found that my favorite method for serving is maple syrup and either ghee or butter. I even froze the extras, so you will probably see a post sometime in my “Lunch Bag Packing” section where I will throw in cornbread, it even thaws by lunchtime! I’m tempting you, aren’t I?

Along with the cornbread, there is a ring around the plate, made up of sliced deli ham (left-overs and it’s yummy with veggies/cornbread:). Also, some snap peas (my favorite), carrots and cucumbers. What a refreshing lunch, that can be just left-overs on a summer day! As for the cornbread, I cut it in 1/2 so there was a top and bottom, and then I drizzled on some maple syrup. I just had to keep the picture pretty for you all;)

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