2 Amazing Grain-free companies

Today, I wanted to let you all in on two companies that put together amazing grain-free mixes. For the most part, all you have to add is either honey, coconut oil, butter, or eggs. Are you ready for the brands that make me (and hopefully you) feel normal?!

White Lion Baking Company  is the first company.

Their chocolate walnut cookies taste normal!! We also got pancakes, raisin cookies, and chocolate cake from there, that I’m itching to try and report back on;)  Another treat I’ve already tried from there are the vanilla cupcakes. The first time we whipped up these cupcakes, it was for a family get-together, which even my brother ate! That time my mom had ordered strawberry frosting from PCC to slather on. REAL CUPCAKE!! The next time we made this, it came with chocolate chips to make a frosting, but I skipped the frosting altogether and stirred the chocolate in with the cupcake. Also, my mom and I added  dried strawberries in a couple cupcakes for prettiness;) I even made a post of when my mom and I baked those cupcakes… The dish was kind of weird for a dinner, but it got cupcakes in my tummy, and extras in the freezer! They even have their own bakery in Massachusetts. Sometimes I think about how awesome it would be if I lived next to the White Lion bakery, and I could just walk over and get an assortment of freshly baked grain free treats… Another allergy that I don’t have to worry about, but it’s nice to know that lots of their treats are dairy free as well! Chocolate chips are dairy free (I don’t even notice), and they have figured out a way that you can do either coconut oil (or option for butter) for the wet ingredients. One final detail about the chocolate walnut cookies that’s sure to win you over, NO EGGS! No mess, no grain, no eggs, no dairy, and most importantly, these treats make me “Mmmmm” Every.Single.Time.

Paleo Baking Company

Don’t judge, but I may have gotten chocolate cake from this place as well. Tee he he. This one I’ve tried already, and it is sure to hit the spot, as well as being really satisfying when you’re craving chocolate. Which, I’m craving chocolate just about every day;) This cake freezes great, you just have to remember to let it cool a little after it’s taken out of the oven. Then you can dig in!! Don’t forget some yogurt or ice-cream along with it for extra deliciousness.  Especially if you buy some Straus yogurt to dish on. This greek yogurt is creamy, but slightly tart, so it’s great paired with treats! I even use this yogurt in my breakfast, but normally stir in some vanilla. Soon, I will share my three different variations of how I do a typical breakfast. It’s amazing the combos you can make with yogurt, nuts, seeds, and fresh/dried fruit:) The Paleo Baking website has great photos on their recipes section, helping out with measurements/flavors to make their hazelnut mix, for example, into banana bread. In fact, that’s what we did with their hazelnut/coconut flour package, and I just had a slice of that banana bread, grapes, and an orange for a snack this morning! We even added the tiny chocolate chips from White Lion Baking into the batter!

I hope you try these companies, and are as astounded as me:) So far, we’ve just ordered the White Lion mixes from their company directly. As for the Paleo Baking Company, I’ve seen it sold on Amazon. You can always check at a grocery store as well, the Paleo Baking could be at your local Whole Foods or PCC! Please comment if you try/have tried these delicous treats!!

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