Chicken skewers, snap peas, hash browns

Grilled to perfection!

These were the yogurt marinated chicken skewers I promised in this post that I would write about. Well, here is the beautiful dish consisting of hash browns, chicken, and some fresh greens.

As I talked about in my other grilling post, these chicken skewers were pre-seasoned, and already skewered. I’m telling you, the raw meat section at PCC is getting to be so convenient. Simple/healthy spices, too, that you would’ve taken 2 precious minutes putting on yourself. I’m telling you, 2 extra minutes of waiting when you just want to start chowing on a meal fresh off the grill (or oven) is a while!

Wondering what the chicken skewer is on top of? Hash browns!! I love the Cascadian Farm potatoes, so easy to just pull out of the freezer! Out of the freezer, and into the oven. That’s all there was to the potatoes in this dish, as well as some Parmesan cheese mixed in. Have you ever had the twice baked potatoes from PCC? These were like just like those, nice and cheesy, except they weren’t crispy because I wasn’t patient enough;) For a garnish on top are some fresh chives (and the pretty purple flowers) from our garden. Oh, and if you’re wondering what the redness is, hot sauce!!! Hot sauce with hash browns is just as good as french fries and ketchup. Don’t hash browns/hot sauce sound fancier than french fries/ketchup, even if both are just potatoes and a dip? Anyways…

On the side is some romaine lettuce and SNAP PEAS!!! You see the handful of peas on the plate? I ate about double that as I was washing them. Those are probably one of my favorite veggies, especially the giant ones!!

I hope you check out PCC to pick up some good grilling meats, or put together/season your own meat if you’re up for it! Just don’t forget to add on a delicious side I’ve shared on this blog… Like the hash browns, or maybe try one of my avocado combinations. (Hint: Pico de gallo is the best:) If you wait long enough, I’m going to make a post of ham and tater tots from Cascadian Farm. If you decide to do chicken, but want to use a barbecue sauce, try adding on the additions from my post on Salad with BBQ and vibrant veggies. Have fun creating a beautiful dish!

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