Re-creating Las Brisas steak salad

Steak + salad = awesomeness.

Don’t forget the avocado and hot sauce as well;) This craving first started when I ordered the Ensalada de Asada from Las Brisas. Ever since I tasted that, I’ve been ordering this fresh dish at the restaurant, as well as re-creating my own! This was how the Las Brisas salad looked like when we got take-out a couple weeks ago.

image Yummy!! I love how fresh everything is at Las Brisas, great atmosphere as well. Normally when I order this salad, I just ask for olive oil as the dressing, just like what I did at home in the featured image. By the way, isn’t that picture for the head-line make your mouth water? Here are all the components I include when making this at home, and I know that Las Brisas always adds cucumbers as well.

First component is fresh, sweet, grilled corn that’s been cut off the cob. Next is some pico de gallo.

One way you can eat this is to have chips/salsa to the side of the salad. Another way, if you have fresh corn like I did, is to just add the pico de gallo on top of the salad, and enjoy the freshness with the seasoned carne asada:) In my post recently called Appetizer Tray, I listed 3 different ways of making salsa with avocado, pick your favorite! Mine is pico de gallo, not as simple as just mashed avocado, but it reminds me of summer!!

As for making the carne asada, PCC just started carrying pre-seasoned meats in their raw meat section. I love this because it’s not any seasonings with junk in them, but it’s simple like cayenne, cumin, etc. and saves you so much time. Not to mention it’s easier to avoid getting hands with meat on them when it’s already seasoned. Just pop it in the oven or on the grill! Normally my dad grills the carne asada, but the weather was dreary so we cooked it in the oven. Surprisingly moist, even in the oven. Speaking of pre-seasoned meats, we grilled chicken kebabs marinated in greek yogurt the other day. Look for that post soon!

Finally, don’t forget the bed of lettuce to place this all on! After plopping on some avocado/salsa, corn, and the meat of course, you have your mouth-watering salad.

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