Smoothie, eggs, beets/greens

YUMMY!! Here is something that is perfect for either….

A. Using up left-overs

B. The craving for something fresh

C. A way to bring some variety in, but still a meal with protein, fat, carbs


First of all, I included a smoothie for some carbs. Smoothies are so versatile, (you can even freeze this into Popsicles) and I want to soon make a concoction with nut butter in my drink:) For now this is approximately what you need for a yogurt-fruit smoothie. (I say approximately because you may like it more liquid-ey, the bananas could be riper/bigger, etc.) In my opinion, it’s kind of hard to mess up fruit/yogurt, you can always adjust!

1.5 cups orange juice

1 small package (slightly over 1 cup) of Frozen Strawberries

3 large bananas (I normally do ripe)

1 small container of Fage yogurt (about 7 ounces)

1/2 to 3/4 cup Kefir

I normally put the bananas into the blender first (halved or quartered), then comes the yogurt/kefir, next come the strawberries, and lastly the orange juice to fill in. This makes quite a large batch, so if you want to do a smaller batch, simply reduce everything. Try 1/2 package of strawberries, 3/4 cup orange juice, 1 and 1/2 bananas, and part of a yogurt container… Simple!

Also, where the beets/greens come in, is a handful of fresh salad, and marinated beets from PCC’s deli selection.

Now for the eggs. I love scrambled eggs, and it’s a great source of protein! The best thing about these eggs is that they were cooked in coconut oil. Some Parmesan mixed in, and you’re good to go with tons of healthy fats/protein!! Don’t forget some hot sauce on top for some color and spice. Happy blending/scrambling:)


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