Sweet potatoes, carrots, dips

I love carrots! Number 1, they add a color pop to any meal. Therefore, the dish is made colorful. Also, they have beta-carotene and vitamin A, which are types of vitamins. My vision is going to be spectacular;) Just kidding, I’m not that science-ey to know if that statement is proven true. Which leads me to reason 3, carrots just taste delicious, so good eyesight or not, why not eat a veggie?

Guess what?! I looked up sweet potatoes, and they’re rich in vitamin A as well. This is apparently turning into an all around meal for your eyes AND your hungry body, craving something yummy! To make these sweet potatoes, all you have to do is slice a couple sweet potatoes (preferably large) into rounded pieces, put it in a pan, and scoop a couple big spoonfuls of coconut oil on top. However, as they’re cooking, you need to make sure to keep flipping the slices, or else they will burn. It takes a while to get the texture/flavor  the best though, you really have to crisp them, just barely not burning. Once you get the large rounds crispy on the edges, and still soft in the middle, it tastes like bread. No joke! Maybe it is a joke, if you think sweet potatoes are even better than toast out of wheat;) I have even frozen these, (sweet potato in picture was out of freezer) and they still taste great. Any time I’m craving a roast beef sandwich, I can have one! Yes, I said roast beef sandwich. Bigger and thicker the sweet potatoes, longer to cook, but the closer the texture is to bread! Maybe I will write a blog post featuring a roast beef sandwich made out of baked sweet potato slices soon…

Lastly, some avocado, as well as some egg salad from Whole Foods to dip the carrots in, or slather on the sweet potatoes.


So, now you know my secret of what you can dip, eat plain, or close up a mini sandwich with. I actually found the sweet potato bread concept on Pinterest, and I’ve been enjoying them ever since.. Roast beef sandwich is pretty awesome and probably unique though! I hope you make these… They are so easy, as long as not left to burn, but left to crisp:) I would flip each slice about every 10 minutes, but you’re going to have to use your judgement on crisping vs. burning. Allow up to an hour before you’re going to need the potatoes, and you should be good to go! This lunch was very satisfying, and so easy to pull together! All you need are some fresh veggies, eggs to hard-boil/pre-made salad, avocado, and either a freezer or time to make fresh sweet potatoes!


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