Salmon, strawberries, corn

This dish is just in time for spring…  The bright colors are just right, matching the cheery mood from the sunshine! I packed along this fresh lunch to a rehearsal day a couple weeks ago for “Sleeping Beauty.” Read my post on a rehearsal for the spring ballet here. Strawberries were still on the pricier end a couple weeks ago, must be because it’s only the start of spring… They looked so good, though, we had to get a bucket. I’ve seen 3 packs for $10 at Whole Foods though, and 1 pack for $4 when I went to Trader Joes today! Speaking of which, Organic Dried Mango from Trader Joes is the best!!! I have it all the time for a snack, takes care of the sweet tooth as well! Along with the strawberries is some corn. I put it in frozen the night before, and was thawed by lunchtime:) Finally, leftovers of a dinner… This salmon was following the same method as my post on Dill salmon. Enjoy this yummy taste of spring;)

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