Smoothie, eggs, beets/greens

YUMMY!! Here is something that is perfect for either…. A. Using up left-overs B. The craving for something fresh C. A way to bring some variety in, but still a meal with protein, fat, carbs   First of all, I included a smoothie for some carbs. Smoothies are so versatile, (you can even freeze this… Continue reading Smoothie, eggs, beets/greens

Sleeping Beauty Performance

It’s happened! Sleeping Beauty has concluded… What a great production! I have lots to tell about, but this post will be about the final performance in my hometown. Guess what? The tickets were almost sold out! Here’s how this fun Saturday evening began.. The day was gorgeous, so my dad grilled Carne Asada. I’m writing… Continue reading Sleeping Beauty Performance

Sweet potatoes, carrots, dips

I love carrots! Number 1, they add a color pop to any meal. Therefore, the dish is made colorful. Also, they have beta-carotene and vitamin A, which are types of vitamins. My vision is going to be spectacular;) Just kidding, I’m not that science-ey to know if that statement is proven true. Which leads me… Continue reading Sweet potatoes, carrots, dips

Caprese salad, potatoes,broccoli

Look at this… Look at this. Doesn’t this just make your mouth water?! I created this towards the start of the school year, and am inspired to make it once again. Can’t do pizza anymore? Have it on a skewer cold. I won’t lie, these were toothpicks, but it was pretty for the picture;) Even… Continue reading Caprese salad, potatoes,broccoli