Sleeping Beauty Rehearsal

IT’S SPRING TIME! As well as the sun coming out, that means a spring ballet performance… I even get to be in “Sleeping Beauty” this year:) Guess what?! There’s a tech rehearsal this Friday, dress Saturday, and the first performance finally on Sunday. In approximately 72 hours (From Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, 24 hours per day) I will be onstage dancing! You probably want to know my role, same part as most of the other level 5.1 dancers I take class with. I’m a little Garland Girl! There are the big Garland Girls, as well as 8 smaller girls carrying Garlands. A couple days ago, we were fitted for our costumes, gorgeous and pink skirts attached to decorated tops. On top of that, last rehearsal, we got a chance to use the Garlands. Pretty much green bendy poles we grasp, lined with flowers. Fake of course, but still very pretty, I’m so excited for how the flowery scene will look onstage!

I’m starting to get the order of how this performance goes, I had some time to watch the others rehearse this last Saturday! There is one hilarious part in this ballet that I couldn’t continue on without mentioning. Have you heard of “Mother Ginger” in “The Nutcracker?” It’s a guy dressed as a woman on stilts, with a big dress containing 8 buffoons that come running out! Anyways, Carabosse is the Wicked fairy godmother in the “Sleeping Beauty” ballet. In the Disney movie, the evil godmother is known as Maleficent. Sometimes Carabosse is played by a woman, other times a man dressed as a woman. In this case, why I found it so funny before the makeup was all on, my studio is doing a man for Carabosse. He’s a great actor, and normally plays the part of Drosselmeyer in “The Nutcracker”. I just think it makes it all the more dramatic, drama and some humor makes a great ballet! One thing I especially love about the role being played by this actor is when I saw him with the bright red wig and a big  white skirt. One time, he had the best, most Carabosse look on his face, and took huge steps leaning slightly back in his flowy white skirt! All I’m saying is, watching ballets, especially up close, and mostly being a part of a big ballet performance, is AWESOME!! We do a lot of bourrees in this piece, which is really flowery and fun! After we take part in making the flowery scene full of flower beauty, we join the other Garland Girls for the bow.

Wish me luck! Final rehearsal at the studio tonight, and going up to the stage for tech rehearsal tomorrow!! This weekend we’re performing a little away from town, next week we perform in the theater downtown, by my ballet studio:)

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