Re-creating potatoes, carrots, chicken

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, and I decided that I would finally create some additional posts on re-creating. This page is soon to be full of grain free meals I’ve eaten at a restaurant, PCC, or Whole Foods, and the picture/description of when I re-created a similar dish (hopefully just as good;).

  1. image
    Ginger carrots, roasted onion, twice baked potatoes (my favorite), balsamic chicken wing- PCC


    chicken breast marinated in yogurt, hash browns, salad, roasted carrots- read my post I made on this dish recently!



4 thoughts on “Re-creating potatoes, carrots, chicken

  1. you should try cauliflower, carrots and cranberries fried lightly in olive oil…i accidentally added cranberries to my cauli-carrot mix during frying them up….oh my goodness…the sweet-tartness of the cranberries really added a zing to the veggies!


  2. Sounds good… Great flavor combo! I just had thai food with chicken, coconut milk, and thai pepper sauce. The cauliflower reminded me of the pan-fried cauliflower along with brocolli, thai basil, and peppers with the chicken & spicy, creamy sauce.I should do a post on that yummy dish soon:)

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