Easter Brunch

I’m not going to lie, I had this for dinner! However, the night of my weird dinner, when I was using up left-overs, made it possible for your delicious Easter brunch… Colorful, and I got into being festive with an egg! You don’t even have to put this combo together on Easter, either.  In fact, maybe you want to have this after Easter. Then, the vanilla grain-free cupcakes from White Lion Baking Company have time to arrive! I’m telling you, this company is awesome:) These vanilla cupcakes have an option for chocolate chips to turn into frosting, but I just mixed the chocolate in with the cupcake batter! So far, this company is a no-fail, we got chocolate chip walnut cookies, and they were beyond describing!! Better than normal, regular enough that the grain-eaters enjoy. If the dad/brother like it, you know you scored;)

Anyways… I hope you try this combo soon, maybe even on Easter if you have your own muffin mix!

In addition to the cupcakes (muffins, cupcakes-without-frosting) is a hard boiled egg, mashed avocado/hot sauce,  orange peppers roasted in olive oil, as well as a little ham for the last bright, Easter color! I’m pretty sure this colorful dish is at least worthy for a snack on Easter…

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