Chicken, carrots, and hash browns

Anyone else just love the taste of roasted carrots and caramelized onions? I don’t know why veggies are so addictive when they’re roasted and drenched in healthy oils…

Plus, in the potatoes from the picture above, it felt like I was eating sticky rice because of the texture from the hash browns. I wasn’t exactly patient enough to let the hash browns crisp, so it was like chicken and rice. With, of course, lots of colorful veggies! Surprisingly delicious… Also, if you don’t have any spare hash browns from the fridge or freezer, or are against this meal because it isn’t brunch time, baked potato chunks will do;) A side dish for carbs, like potatoes, really completes this colorful dish!

The salad and hash browns are simple, either grate your own potatoes or buy some. I really like the hash browns from Cascadian Farm. Go ahead and chop some lettuce, drizzle on some olive oil, as well as a sprinkling of salt! All you had to do was cut some greens, and stick the potatoes in the oven, and you are already half-way done!

As for the carrots and onions, that’s simple, too! Go ahead and cut the veggies to whatever size you want (I like carrot fries) and dump it into an oven-safe pan! After you drizzle on some olive oil, pop the dish in the oven for 30 or so minutes!

Finally, the tender and delish chicken. The are are a couple options with this meat, some easier than others, but over-all this dish is super simple! Luckily, for this meal, PCC had a 1/2 lemon chicken in their cold meats. It took quite a while to bake, but was so tender, and had the perfect seasoning! I love lemon chicken like that, but any spices really would work! Option 2 would be picking up a hot, already cooked whole chicken/chicken pieces. They have whole chickens like that at PCC now, too. However, we picked up the meat over the weekend, and it wasn’t going to be eaten until early this week. Option 3, probably the most complicated of all, but still pretty simple, is to make your own chicken. A very easy way to cook the chicken would be placing it in a skillet with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

I hope you enjoy this super simple, cost-friendly meal:)



5 thoughts on “Chicken, carrots, and hash browns

  1. oh dear……..those carrots and onions look so very good. Here I am thinking about eating and I JUST finished lunch…your wonderful brussel sprouts recipe. thanks for the dinner idea and please keep posting! I have lost 3 1/2 pounds since I started cooking what you post, just an added blessing along with the wonderful flavors!


  2. I’m glad I can be inspiring you! I definitely love plating foods, and coming up with flavor combinations! Isn’t it amazing how good veggies can taste?! Getting prepared to post another dinner recipe soon… Includes champagne chicken!

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