Salad with BBQ and vibrant veggies

Just looking at the picture of this salad makes my mouth want to water… Imagine the REAL dish sitting right in front of me as I took this picture…. Oh yeah! I dug in DIRECTLY after snapping all my shots. I’ll just edit the photos later… You’re probably thinking it’s kind of weird that I posted a barbecue pork recipe beginning of March, right? Well… Just about all I had to do the day I created this salad dish was plop the meat in the oven. A couple months ago, we had made tacos with that BBQ meat. Go ahead and use any barbecue sauce (less ingredients the better), add in some coleslaw/cabbage, heat up some corn tortillas (or make your own), and slather on some Sir Kensington’s Sriracha Mayonnaise! After enjoying those tacos a while ago, we put the left-over BBQ pork in the freezer, for a time like that busy night when I devoured the fresh BBQ salad (in the featured image:) This pork is also know as E.P. Emergency pork, that’s a thing for middle of winter! The nice fact is, when we made the BBQ pork the first time, it wasn’t even on the grill. So really, you could still make this fresh in the middle of winter, as long as you have an oven!

Also, the grocery store happened to have fresh pea pods. Score! Some corn was thrown on for extra color, as well as part of an orange pepper:) I super enjoyed the pepper, because I drizzled olive oil on, put it in an oven-safe pan, and popped it into the oven for about half an hour! Really yummy when it’s still hot out of the oven, not quite so crunchy, but cooking the orange peppers really brings the sweetness out! I hope you try out a variation of my salad, or create tacos out of the BBQ pork!



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