Sleeping Beauty Rehearsal

IT’S SPRING TIME! As well as the sun coming out, that means a spring ballet performance… I even get to be in “Sleeping Beauty” this year:) Guess what?! There’s a tech rehearsal this Friday, dress Saturday, and the first performance finally on Sunday. In approximately 72 hours (From Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, 24 hours… Continue reading Sleeping Beauty Rehearsal

Re-creating potatoes, carrots, chicken

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, and I decided that I would finally create some additional posts on re-creating. This page is soon to be full of grain free meals I’ve eaten at a restaurant, PCC, or Whole Foods, and the picture/description of when I re-created a similar dish (hopefully just as… Continue reading Re-creating potatoes, carrots, chicken

Easter Brunch

I’m not going to lie, I had this for dinner! However, the night of my weird dinner, when I was using up left-overs, made it possible for your delicious Easter brunch… Colorful, and I got into being festive with an egg! You don’t even have to put this combo together on Easter, either.  In fact,… Continue reading Easter Brunch

Roll-up, guacamole, mixed veggies

Anyone ever tried paleo coconut wraps? These are on the expensive side, but when you add cheese and ham, then crisp the ends in the oven, it’s makes a great roll-up:) Made just out of coconut, it’s a way to keep your heated food together, AND it’s yummy in my opinion. It’s hard to expect much… Continue reading Roll-up, guacamole, mixed veggies

Chicken, carrots, and hash browns

Anyone else just love the taste of roasted carrots and caramelized onions? I don’t know why veggies are so addictive when they’re roasted and drenched in healthy oils… Plus, in the potatoes from the picture above, it felt like I was eating sticky rice because of the texture from the hash browns. I wasn’t exactly… Continue reading Chicken, carrots, and hash browns

Salad with BBQ and vibrant veggies

Just looking at the picture of this salad makes my mouth want to water… Imagine the REAL dish sitting right in front of me as I took this picture…. Oh yeah! I dug in DIRECTLY after snapping all my shots. I’ll just edit the photos later… You’re probably thinking it’s kind of weird that I… Continue reading Salad with BBQ and vibrant veggies

Dill salmon with beets

After seeing all the posts from fellow bloggers with salmon, I thought it was high time I posted my recipe;)  Even if you have your own way of cooking salmon, I hope you keep the other yummy additions in mind… Like one of my favorites, BEETS! Salmon: First, pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Next,… Continue reading Dill salmon with beets