PNB’s Romeo and Juliette


Today I wanted to share with you an awesome ballet experience I had…
I saw PNB’s Romeo and Juliette with my mom:). PNB is a very well-known ballet company, and it’s always so inspiring as a dancer watching professional performances. Also, as I’m a total foodie, I thought I would share with you the snack I enjoyed with my mom and chauffeur (Aka my dad) on the way home from the theater. The mix I whipped up was Trader Joe’s olive oil popcorn, currants, pumpkin seeds, cashews, and apricots! Anyways, I thought I would share this story starting off with my natural ballerina instincts.

“I think we enter this way.” my mom called to me, as I started up the steps to a section of the large theater.

“Oh, yeah!” I guess that was my natural instinct to go up the stage way!

“I saw a lot of bunheads going up there.” we laughed as both of us realized that we were here to watch the performance, unlike “Nutcracker”, where I’m living and breathing that fun journey for about a month. After all, you start intense rehearsals just after Thanksgiving, and pretty soon performances have concluded!

After turning in our tickets and listening to directions, my mom and I head up to the concession stand. The night was chilly, so I opted for a hot tea, as there were still about 20 minutes until the start of the show. As my mom and I wandered around, our chatter couldn’t be suppressed. This was a big part of my birthday gift, and I felt so celebrated! In fact, when we entered the theater and located our seats, I felt like an eagle looking down on the audience. That’s right. Box seats!! View of EVERYTHING:) As we absorbed all the details, my mom and I contemplated the size of this versus my hometown theater. Let me tell you, Mccaw Hall is big! Next, I scanned the casting sheet. There must have been a lot to take in, because we got to Mccaw Hall fairly early, and the lights all of a sudden dimmed! Every dancer that’s been on a stage has to relate to this feeling. The moment when you know it’s happening! This is when the prologue music starts, and you’re probably envisioning all that you’re about to perform, and hopefully rock at!

The show started off with the feud between Romeo and Juliet’s families. It was really cool because the show was like contemporary ballet. Split jumps, pointe shoes, creative dancing. As this was a Shakespeare performance, it was very dramatic and violent at times, but I found myself laughing at other parts. When it came time to dressing Juliet for the ball, the nurse executed some really cool, quick actions! Once, I noticed Juliet in one dress one minute, and right back on stage changed and ready for another scenery! I know from performing in “The Nutcracker” that Clara has to quickly change from her party dress into her nightgown.

At intermission, my mom and I strolled around a little bit. Pretty soon, we were back in our seats watching the rest of the performance. The scenery was really unique, because all throughout the show, the few props were a couple benches, and tall sliding white walls and steps. By the end of the performance, as expected, both Romeo and Juliet died. However, because the curtains always open up again for bows, we saw them back on their feet in a happy mood! Something that struck me as uplifting was, after the curtains were closed, Romeo and Juliet peeked out holding hands:)

The show was over! So fascinating to watch… Now for another exciting part I’ve been itching to share.

“Should we check out the Q and A?” I nodded, and my mom and I hurried down to the room for questions. Answering the questions today was Peter Boal, the Artistic Director of PNB, as well as Miles, a company dancer who played the part of the Fryer. Guess what? I got both of their autographs!! That was pretty sweet, even if it was late at night, staying was worth it!


2 thoughts on “PNB’s Romeo and Juliette

  1. Great comparing your experience as a dancer with being a totally appreciative audience member! I especially like the feeling you expressed when the lights dimmed. Your snack mix sounds great, I am going to try it!


  2. Thanks! I remember in “Nutcracker” when I would run out after the other party girls, in front of the curtain;) That mix using the awesome popcorn can also include other dried fruits like blueberries, or even dried pineapple!


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