Valentine’s Day Dinner

I’ve been so eager to share the meal that my mom and I made for the family on Valentine’s Day:) Plus, this meal includes steak, so this is packed full of iron! As well as healthy fats from olive oil, because I couldn’t resist including Brussels sprout cooked in olive oil! Guess what? The potatoes were just left-overs from the big family get together the day before;) Almost as easy to make these french fries from scratch though… I will walk you through the elements of this dish below! Don’t forget about Chukar Cherries for dessert, and a bowl of fresh strawberries we shared around!


The kind of steak used in this meal was New York strip. (Insert smiley face for holiday steak:) Why not get fancy around Valentine’s Day? I’m not a steak expert, so cooking the steak might vary on what kind you get. The results should be soooo good whatever cooking method. Grilling was out as it’s still Winter, though;)

1. Season both sides of the steak with salt, pepper, olive oil, dill, and crushed red pepper.

2. Pan sear on both sides (until brown) and place a dollop of ghee on the steak. (Or make steak plural, representing multiple pieces if you have a hungry family… There are more members than just the cooks;)

3. Cover the pot containing steak with a lid, and pop it in the oven to finish it off!


Brussels sprouts:

You probably know the method to my Brussels sprouts already, (actually my mom’s original recipe), so I will make this quick. However, normally I use coconut oil, but decided to use olive oil as it paired nicely with the steak!

1. Throw in a pan roughly chopped Brussels sprouts (Halved or quartered works)

2. Pour on some olive oil

3. Heat over the skillet until you start seeing crispy (not burnt) bits, and the Brussels sprouts are looking colored.

4. Mix in some dried tart cherries.

5. Turn the stove off, and squeeze some lemon juice on when serving for acidity (optional). This was served on a bed of Romaine Lettuce:)



1.Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

2. Roughly chop up some potatoes. You can slice them into french fries, or chop these into cubes!

3. Spread them out on a tray, drizzle olive oil over, and stick in the oven.

4. Depending on your quantity of potatoes, and how spread out in the pan they are, it should take about 30-45 minutes. These should be taken out when they are not burnt, but are crispy and turning a darker brown. Make sure you stir the potatoes throughout.

5. Once they are taken out of the oven, salt them however much you desire!


I think we’ve covered all the elements! Just don’t forget your Holiday dessert… Maybe your grain-free treat includes chocolate and berries:)

10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Dinner

  1. everything sounds wonderful except that dill…dag nab it I am allergic. sigh. but the rest sounds fantastic! so going to try those sprouts with cherries!


  2. Sounds delicious!
    One of my favorite ways to cook with brussels sprouts is to peal the leaves off completely, pan sear them n butter or olive oil and toss with hard boiled egg, bacon, home made ciabatta croutons,
    and a champagne vinaigrette 🙂


  3. ok….I have to tell you…the ONLY thing I hate about those brussells sprouts was that I ran out of them before I stopped wanting to eat them. Thank goodness I still have some more that i can cook later on. Even the hubby loved them and he hates everything except corn or


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