Chukar Cherries

This is just a short blog post, regarding this fabulous holiday… Valentines Day!! My mom and I whipped up (or cooked up) a celebratory dinner, which I’m working on a post to share all of the yummy elements:) Until I get that published, I wanted to share with you our little treat we enjoyed… Grain-free people can still have candy on Valentines day.. I would even call this treat better than the average M&M.

Chocolate covered rainer cherries!!! I know, I know.. Why not just have a square of chocolate and a handful of cherries? This is different. My family and I went for a little trip in Leavonworth a while back, and the Chukar Cherry store was my one designated spot! I have seen these on Amazon, which slightly ruined the aspect of finding-specially-in-Leavonworth. However, Amazon didn’t appear to have the simple, organic cherries coated in the rich chocolate. We were on a mission for our favorites! The link hopefully takes you to my favorite combo from the Chukar Cherry company, but make sure you check the ingredients as unexpected additions are sometimes added in pre-packaged treats. I’ve found my favorite of organic, super chocolate layered cherries;)




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