Appetizer Tray


Here is kind of like a plate filled with casual snacks/possible appetizers… I made this into a light summer lunch even!
First, we have the a simple salad with pepper, olive oil, and salt. Hmmm.. I bet some sunflower seeds would be a nice addition! Next, are some cut carrots. Don’t ask me why, but I will totally munch on a whole, raw carrot like a rabbit would. However, it must have been an unordinary day, because it seems like I had the urge to chop that veggie up. Anywhoozles, I have a couple ways that are my favorites for making guacamole. If you visit the end of this post, I will list my 3 different salsa variations, as well as a simple dip I also enjoy carrots in. Maybe someday I shall post a picture of my snack, huge carrot planted in a bed of dip! Other than the chips, there is one last piece to this snack puzzle, which I personally think could pass as a true appetizer! Cucumber slices with ham pieces on top, a dollop of goat cheese, and a blackberry to top it off. Adorable, right? I hope you find an element of this plate to recreate:)

Guacamole #1: This is just a simple mix of pico de gallo from PCC, and an avocado. If the pre-made salsa you buy (chunky and tomatoes) isn’t very spicy, you can also add some cayenne!

Guacamole #2: This one takes a little bit of mashing. I normally just keep mashing the avocado chunks, add in plenty of olive oil and hot sauce, a little squirt of lemon, and plenty of cayenne, chili powder, and cumin. I know I also shared a salsa a while back where I added yogurt in with the avocados, you can certainly do a tablespoon or two for added creaminess!

Pico de Gallo: This one probably takes the most prep work. It’s actually one of my summer favorites, a recipe that my mom makes, while I linger around the kitchen waiting for samples;) First, chop up some onions and place them in lemon juice. Make sure to let that sit for 5-10 minutes, just so the lemon juice can absorb some of the bite from the onion. Meanwhile, start chopping the tomatoes and cubing the avocado. (Preferably cherry tomatoes.) Add the tomatoes and avocado into the onion/lemon mixture, and stir gently. In this recipe, the avocados are best when they still have their shape. Finally drizzle on some olive oil, and add in cumin, chili powder, and cayenne! Hot sauce if you want an even bigger kick!

French onion dip: This is the final mix that I enjoy munching on with a huge carrot. I got to say, the mix comes out of a package, but in this case it is more just so you don’t have to measure out all the spices. In fact, these are the only ingredients in this Simply Organic French Onion Dip packet: Organic onion, organic maltodextrin, sea salt, organic garlic, organic black pepper. I’m not quite sure what maltodextrin is, but I always eat this dip in moderation anyways, and I saw a lot of ingredients with ‘organic’ infront of them;)







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