Fresh Thanksgiving Lunch

I decided to finally share this lunch that’s been stored up in my camera roll for months! Also, I thought I’d share my method for cooking Brussels sprouts, because in the picture were some greens from the deli at PCC. Included in my portable lunches a lot of times are Brussels sprouts, and I have another combo that’s the best when you’re munching those tiny cabbages warm at home!

  1. In one of the two smaller compartments is cranberry relish. Good source of carbs, and a nice flavor contrast! This was from the cold bar at PCC (I love that place;), but you can also sub in your own leftover relish/cranberries.
  2. In the second small compartment is some plain chicken and cucumbers. Can’t get much simpler than that:) However, for the big question: Would you rather mix the chicken with the cranberry relish, Brussels sprouts mix, or make a cucumber sandwich? Hard decision, I think I’d mix it with the cranberries though!;)
  3. Finally, the Brussels sprouts. The Brussels sprouts featured in the picture appear to be with pomegranates and almond slivers. You ready for the variation I always make warm?  Kind of the same idea as above with the fruit for a color pop, and for some reason I gobble this dish up! I’m serious, my eyes get all big when the Brussels sprouts start caramelizing, and I look like a kid with candy!


The Best Brussels Sprouts Variation:

I hope you have coconut oil on hand, because that’s what makes the cherries taste even sweeter and better…

First, chop up your Brussels sprouts. Halved/quartered normally work best. Next, throw them in a skillet/pan on the stove top. Throw in some dried cherries (tart cherries work best), and a dollop of coconut oil on top. Let the cute little cabbages caramelize, and proceed to devouring:)

3 thoughts on “Fresh Thanksgiving Lunch

  1. it just occurred to me that you really ought to copyright your recipes. I have to say they are so GOOD! I make a cranberry orange relish every year and can it so I have enough for the whole 12 months. Will have to send you the recipe if you wish.


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