Cod and Cauliflower

This is a dish that all started at Whole Foods…. Thanks to their cauli-rice in the cold bar, and the remnants of pineapple mango salsa that hadn’t been devoured yet! Of course, both you can fairly easily make on your own, but I wanted an easy meal, that all to worry about was sticking the fish in the pan😉. Oh, and don’t forget about the fresh avocados on the plate. That’s right, I didn’t forget about you greens, I just filled up the plate with yummy cod, cauli-rice, and fruity salsa. No harm done? Okay, let’s move in. Below are all the components of this dish, as well as how to make the cod beautiful😃


How to make the cod:

There are a couple methods (butter intead of ghee, different liquid) but this is the variation I enjoy when short on time!

First thing is first, picking out the cod. Luckily, PCC has wild, frozen cod at a great price that is so convenient to keep in the freezer! Try to get it without skin when frozen, so serving the cod is less work later. Otherwise, you can get fresh cod, (I like wild), with the skin on, and remove the skin later. When the cod is fresh and without the skin, it tends to crumble, still tastes good though😉.

Next, place the fish in a pan, and  pour enough chicken broth over just to cover it.
Put about 1 teaspoon of ghee on top of every piece of cod.
Cover the pan, and let it simmer until the cod is done. This means you should be seeing it get a little flaky, and no longer translucent.

Depending on frozen/fresh, and the size of your fish, 10-25 min should be about the cooking time range.
Finally, just as it’s finished cooking, remove the cover from the pot and let the cod cook for a few more minutes, letting the juices soak in and bits of fish caramelize.

Now it’s done! Make sure you take off the skin if you didn’t get it already removed!

Additions: Also on the featured plate, I included the following:

•Avocado (for looks)

•Mango pineapple salsa from Whole Foods

•Cauliflower mix from Whole Foods (You can rice your own or have cauliflower chunks)

I hope you enjoy displaying your cod dish, just like I had fun with😃


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