Wheat & Rice free cereals

Below are some “cereals” I have put together. Mostly combos of coconut, nuts, and dried fruit. I hope these give you some inspiration! Also, added along with one of my home-made mixes is a delish brand of wheat & rice free corn cereal. Specifics for that yummy discovery are under “Highlights” and “Links” of this post. Personally, I’ve tried the plain and cinnamon of Envirokidz cereal, and have really found the cinnamon to seem NORMAL:)


image   Plain corn puffs, coconut (preferably toasted), tart cherries, pumpkin seeds, almond slivers. On top is part of a banana for additional carbs, and my watchful eyes, as I took this right before drenching it in milk. Can you believe we can have cereal??? Maybe you have already discovered good corn cereal brands, but I’ve had so much fun thinking of simple proteins, fats, and fruits to go along with the cereal. Cereal. Cereal. It’s so amazing!! My second photo is a version of this that’s a little fruitier, minus the corn puffs.


image  Seeds (Pumpkin or sunflower work), toasted coconut, tart cherries, dried blueberries, almond slivers, goji berries


*Article about goji berries. I love the taste, and use this cereal, along with milk and banana, for breakfast before ballet many Saturday mornings. Nice amount of iron coming from goji berries and raw pumpkin seeds!


  1. npa-870289




  1. http://us.naturespath.com/product/jungle-munchr-cereal

One thought on “Wheat & Rice free cereals

  1. oh yummy. thanks for the link to natures path as well. lots of good stuff there. i just finished clearing out the cabinets of junk (wheat and rice stuff basically) and am actually looking forward to a low carb change of diet….so very glad I found your blog!


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