Greens√ Protein√ Potato mash√

I’ve been looking forward to posting my first article on a lunch I’ve packed! This is a really fun meal to bring along to work/school. Whenever I pack lunches for school, I always get so involved! For some reason, I just enjoy discovering combos, and I have a lot of lunches in my back pocket about ready to share;). Whenever I make meals, however, I have to think about protein, fat, carbs. Especially carbs, as I can’t just throw in a slice of bread! Please make note that I do have other carbs along with this lunch, a big tin of fruit for snack! I like to vary that source of energy throughout corn, potatoes, and fruit. So, I will often have chips or potatoes at lunch, and fruit for snack. Anyhow, let’s get back to this yummy fall/winter lunch. My mouth is watering just thinking about it…

  1. On the bottom, I plopped in a couple spoonfuls of sweet potato mash. I’ve seen many recipes of mashes like that, but I always get it pre-made at PCC, just easier that way:). I’ve seen two versions of the mash at the grocery store: Goat cheese & sweet potatoes, as well as coconut & cilantro & sweet potatoes. I’m sure both are fairly simple to blend up yourself! Personally, I like the mash with coconut milk/flakes, as it is like a new and improved pumpkin pie filling!
  2. On the left are some Brussels sprouts and chicken. Again, this is just a simple chicken breast from PCC’s deli, and some Brussels sprouts, just because there were some left in the fridge! When I have time, either in the oven or skillet, I will cook up Brussels sprouts, tart cherries, and coconut oil. I’m serious, this is amazing, and sooooo good for you!
  3. Finally, in the last compartment, are some pomegranates and greens. Just simple and yummy.

I hope you make this combination for your lunch sometime! Maybe you would even take this idea, embrace it, and share the variation that works for your body! My last note is that the chicken dipped in sweet potato mash is outstanding…





5 thoughts on “Greens√ Protein√ Potato mash√

  1. Thanks! I normally half the brussels sprouts, and throw in a chunk of coconut oil. Skillet is preferred for me, as it cooks quicker/better than in the oven. Just some tips:)


  2. those sound incredibly good. Haven’t a clue as to whether or not I shall be able to eat them..I find out today lab results whether or not I have diabetes……if I come back “clear’ I am trying all of them immediately!


  3. Thank you! I hope your results come back good! My recipes aren’t specifically for diabetes, but I know that whole foods always nourish bodies, so hopefully I can inspire you on a healthy path through my blog:)

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