Creative yogurt combos


These are all mixes that include the same excuse… Uses up left-over bits. Oh yeah! Anybody like me, that can’t bear throwing a bag with chip crumbs, or dried fruit bits left??? How about those brownie crunch pieces that crumbled at the bottom.. I know what you’re thinking. Brownies?? Grain.Free.Brownie.Bits.:) I was so excited when I found these at Whole Foods! Hopefully you don’t go to the same Whole Foods to get these that I do, the store won’t be able to keep ’em in stock!! “Rebecca & Rose gluten free brownie crunch” is the name. This does contain potato starch, but I can gladly eat potatoes, and hope you can too! These are crunchy, full of chocolate, light, sweet, and yummy. Obviously, free of wheat, and this treat filed under “Gluten Free” actually happens to be rice-free! Now, on to the mixes featuring greek yogurt in all, with chocolate and  fruits representing some sweet additions!


Feeling like chocolate?

  • This first mix is a blend of my favorite greek yogurt..   I would say to use about 1/3 cup, give or take!


  • My blend also includes some berries. Sliced strawberries, raspberries, and cherries are outstanding with yogurt, even better with chocolate. If it’s summer, fresh is best. In winter, organically grown, frozen fruits work quite well for that craving!!


  • The last key addition is the chocolate. As I mentioned in the beginning, this is a chance to use up any crumbs! If you buy that brownie crunch I was talking about, and kinda-maybe-sorta gobble it up rather quickly, then go ahead and use the tidbits in this! Cocoa powder works just as well, you can even add some larger chunks of chocolate. Just.Because.You.Are.Cool. Who can go wrong with extra chocolate?


Wanna be refreshed?

  • Again, Ellenos Greek Yogurt is amazing in this. Also, 2% Fage yogurt, with a little bit of vanilla counts as “Hitting the Spot” as well!


  • Next, time to add the dried fruit. When I constructed this, I used the powder left at the bottom of the dried strawberry bag. Yummy. Alternatively, dried strawberry chunks, or tiny dried blueberries work. What’s the fun in left-overs then, though?


  • Finally, chocolate again!! This time, I would do either chocolate chips/chunks, because you already have the smooth yogurt, and powdery fruit!



  • download (2)


  • Organic Just Strawberries






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