Power Outage/Last Nut. Show

Waking up to curlers. By that point, I was pretty used to them. Kind of…

“I have a roller sticking in my head..” that still was a thought always processing in my brain. My big brain, as my head looks huge when I stuff the curls into the buffoon bonnet!

As I plopped the dryer over my head, I started on the stage makeup at home. It must’ve been quite a sight! My image probably came across like a ghost in a shower cap! I laugh just thinking about it, that foundation washes me out so much! The bonnet hair dryer doesn’t help my looks either… my excited thinking for the show overpowered those disturbing thoughts, though!

There had been a power outage the Saturday night before, and my mom and I were so glad we rerolled!! I would’ve probably just gotten out of the shower, and of had a longgggg night ahead. Since we just re rolled, my mom  laid a blanket out on the carpet, and I busied myself while she quickly worked on my hair. Funny thing is, our generator is about ½ broken. One of the fuses went out, so there are only a couple objects powered in our house. Some lamps, a couple plug-ins, a place to charge phones… No dishwashing/clothes drying, though. Somehow, with the help of a few extension cords, we were able to watch “Frozen” on the Xbox while my mom worked on my hair. It was actually a nice time, candles all around, watching Olaf!

By morning, the power was back on. Time for last two shows! One this afternoon, the other this evening. The last show is always really fun. Everyone has gotten the routine down, and is giving a final push for that venue.

Arriving at the stage, in an awesome parking spot, my mom and I hauled our belongings along the sidewalk. Makeup, ballet bag, snack foods, more refrigerator food, volunteer badges, I think that’s about it! Organizing is key, we learned that by having the right bags along by Sunday.

One performance was done by late afternoon. Taking off the special buffoon lashes, cheeks, and lipstick, I reapplied the party girl elements for the next show. First, I grabbed a quick snack. Packed along as my go-to’s, there were plenty of fresh fruits, nut mixes, Larabars, and chocolate;). Dinner was sitting in the fridge at the stage for later. 

There was the introduction music again! The party scene was in the very beginning of the show, so my friends and I were preparing to dance in the prologue.

After the whirlwind of greetings, watching the Rat King/Nutcracker fight, and comforting Clara because her stage brother broke the doll, party scene was complete.
Hurrying to the dressing room, I completed the “Buffonifying” ritual one last time. After executing the buffoon dance one final time, my face was wiped clean. As much as it felt good to have a face away from harsh wipes/makeup for a while, it was hard seeing boxes being packed up. This has been an awesome Nutcracker season, and I am so excited for next year!

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