Inventive Taco Salad

Mmm… Anyone in the mood for something light, but a healthy fat as the key ingredient, and kind of like a new and improved deconstructed nachos/salsa you eat with a fork??? I know I am… I made this the other day, and I’m craving this right now. Maybe I can make it soon, it’s so simple and good! Ok… You ready for the recipe? Don’t call me crazy, these flavors are amaaaaazing together, and it uses up leftovers, and freezer/fresh stuff.

Peas—- I just defrosted some frozen ones, but fresh peas from the pods are soooooo good in the summer:)

Chicken—- I had some leftover chicken breast from PCC, which was pretty plain, but you could get fancy with the meat by doing barbecue, garlic, etc.

Guacamole—- I made a salsa by mashing up part of an avocado, mixing it with a scoopful of yogurt, and adding hot sauce to the mix. Creamy, filling, fresh, and delish!! I did the Fage yogurt. You can also add in some cumin, cayenne, salt, chili powder. Do about 2 or so heaping tablespoons of yogurt for every avocado.

Parsley/Cilantro—- In addition to all of that, I added parsley for a little extra flavor. Cilantro would be good, too, but parsley was what was washed;)

Spices—-Some simple cumin was very yummy sprinkled on top, or you could add other spices like chili powder for a greater kick.
Tomato—- Gives a nice color, and I like the flavor!

Keep in mind that, for growing bodies like me, this dish doesn’t contain hardly any carbs. I like to either eat it by the fork, and have chips/potatoes/fruit to the side, or    dip something (like sweet potato chips) into this. You could even add in some corn with the peas, if you feel like it:)


  • unnamed (8)Fage yogurt used in guacomole


  • unnamed (9)Hotsauce used in guacomole


  •  terra_sweetsbeets_6oz_121813 Brand of sweet potatoes/beets I get for dipping


13 thoughts on “Inventive Taco Salad

  1. This is so exciting! I can’t believe I’m making an impact on someone:) Please tell me as soon as you get your results, and meanwhile I will be whipping up some foods, hopefully helping out your needs/others’ restrictions!

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  2. HELP!!! I found some nice looking brussel sprouts in the store this morning..and bought some……and now I have NO IDEA what to do with them! help me! lol


  3. I have just the thing! Have you read my post on Valentines dinner involving steak yet? The recipe for Brussels sorouts was finally included, and you can switch out coconut oil in place of olive oil!

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