Nut. rehearsal/school show

“I almost fell asleep like a horse!”

“You should say that on your blog!” So, here I am, with my mom’s suggestion. We had stayed up until 1:45 in the morning doing hair for dress rehearsal, and now we were unrolling. This was just Thursday, and there was a crazy fun weekend ahead! Today was dress rehearsal, tomorrow 2 school shows, saturday had 2 shows, and we performed twice again on sunday. No wonder my hair feels so weird now! Those many hours either in curls, or sleeping on the curlers. Now, my hair feels soft, smooth, and definitely not as high of volume. I do have to say a couple things about dancer stage life.

  1. Foundation literally came out of my nose as I blew it.. disgusting!
  2. It looks really weird when people watch you take off your eyelashes.
  3. Dry snack ideas/combos I have wrote about ARE very helpful, as eating with lipstick is difficult! (Dried fruit, nuts, seeds)
  4. The eyeliner pencil turned out to be best for me, as it isn’t that wet, gooey feeling!
  5. Popcorn my mom made with coconut oil is a lifesaver!


Some weird, some helpful tips, that’s just bringing out the fun of Nutcracker season! After heading up to the dress rehearsal Thursday, we came home to re-roll. Turns out, re-rolling was such a time saver! My hair is very fine, and would get tangled up/stick to the foam rollers. Also, the Freeze it spray many people use for sturdy Nutcracker curls has wheat, and that was out of the question. All I’m going to say is plastic blue rollers, LOTS of pins, Redken 28, and Motion Lotion. Visit the hair section of my blog, and learn more about curl fun during Nutcracker season! Waking up at 6:30 Friday morning (insert #dancerlife), my mom unrolled, and we were off to performance time!

The night before, I had packed thermoses containing yogurt. Along with that fabtabulous on-the-go breakfast, I made a granola-without-granola to dump in. Normally, I just do chopped pecans, cocoa nibs, and fresh fruit for breakfast. Although, we didn’t have much time to cut up much in the morning, so I included dried fruit in the mix instead. In this delish mix, I threw in a tin dried apicots, dried cherries, dried strawberries, mini pecans, slivered almonds, and crushed pumpkin seeds. So good in yogurt, and I later noticed that it would be just as good by the handful! Visit the post HERE  to learn about a mix I created including roasted nuts, coconut, and fruit. Taking the yogurt along for the car ride, I packed in the taquitos and guacamole with a lunch bag/ice pack. We were going to be gone for a while, so my mom had also popped some fresh popcorn, and I packed along bananas, oranges, and small apples. Those snacks, along with my nut mix/Lara bars, were packed along every day that weekend.

Arriving at the stage, I began to apply my makeup. For some reason, I have the desire to always get my foundation really close to perfect. I guess it is the FOUNDATION for all the rest of the makeup. The first show was at 10 in the morning, and the second at 12.

Once I got my makeup on, I quickly changed into the the dark blue party girl dress. All the girls were spinning around, it was so exciting!! All of a sudden, we were done warming up, and in the wings. The kids were anxiously waiting for the show to start. First the prologue music started, and I briefly acted onstage. Then, it was the introductions, and we all froze as Drosselmeyer dramatically walked in. After our small, sweet combination, there was lullaby and goodbyes. All the kids applauded (except for the couple crying toddlers), and we all breathed normally walking off. As I entered backstage again, my mind transitioned to thinking about how real/scary it ACTUALLY felt when we were acting to the rat king/Nutcracker fighting.

Now, it was time for me to be buffoonified! That’s my word for when I would switch roles! Time for crouching under Mother Ginger, along with the other 7 clowns/buffoons. Incase you didn’t know, Mother Ginger is a guy on stilts, all made out with makeup and a giant dress, and the buffoons (little girls) crouch down inside the skirt. Then, we run out of the skirt once onstage. There were laughs as the first set of girls scurried out. Old memories, last year I was one of the first two girls out of the stinky, stuffy skirt. This year I was third out.I still think it’s awesome, though! Changing from petite party girl to silly buffoon! After repeating the process at 12 in the afternoon that day, my mom and I drove home, ready to tackle the long hours of curling ahead that night.

Read my next post about the power outage that Saturday and last show soon!


2 thoughts on “Nut. rehearsal/school show

  1. So fun to hear about the behind the scenes action, I had no idea curling hair for performance was such an ordeal! I am so surprised you were scared, you didn’t show it! And, awesome new word you created, “buffoonified”


  2. It definitely is a lot to do the hair!! All party girls will know it’s worth it, though:). It’s definitely mixed emotions! You have to act as you are watching the mouse, Nutcracker, etc., but it’s also real excitement/anxious emotions mixed in!


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