Boosting Salad

Just in time for a nice winter salad to keep your health/joy on a high! In this salad, it includes filling protein, fresh veggies, and late-fall seeds. I hope you whip up this combo for a boosting lunch sometime! Now on to the ingredients… Lettuce of course;). Romain is my favorite, but whatever mix you like works! A hard boiled egg is sliced/placed about for some added food to fill your tummy. Along with that, I added some pumpkin seeds. It’s still fall, right? I kind of remember winter not rolling along until about mid-December! Someone want to check that for me??? It sure feels like winter! For some added flavor and  a bright color pop, I added in some beets. I get marinated beets (PCC), but you could roast, marinate, or cook it, however you like that veggie prepared! For freshness… and just cool effects, my busy hands cut up a cucumber to top it off. Anyone ever had a lemon cucumber? They are the best! It’s shape/size is like a lemon, tastes slightly different in I’d say just the lighter feel to it, and they’re cute, after all! Fun to pull out of the fridge for just one person. I hope you stay healthy this winter, and maybe make my salad including protein/veggies, good for your health! Again, should I say have a healthy winter or fall… It feels like winter, scientifically maybe fall???

5 thoughts on “Boosting Salad

  1. Thanks! They are really fun to chop up in the summer,like a single-serving cucumber😉. I normally just use clips for the excess hair, but if I have to be proffesional, then it’s spray, spray, spray those hairs!!

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