Executing a Bun

Let’s talk about how I do my hair. Keep in mind mine is very fine, and that’s either going to help you with your bun, or you could give tips on this hairstyle for your hair! Maybe you came straight from school not having time to gather everything, or possibly your bun just failed, and it’s a long rehearsal day;) Whatever the circumstance, I always have a brush, 1 hairspray bottle (Or 2 because that’s quite often needed), and a little bag of hair pins. Not that I normally have to completely do my bun on the fly, but you may need to, and hairspray normally pulls through with annoying wispies!!

Let’s talk wispies a minute… Aren’t they the worst? It’s like you spray one hair chunk too much, so it’s sticky and gross, but one hair just won’t settle down. Another enemy… Bumps in the hair. All I have to say is: Be prepared always for a hair crisis! Incase you were wondering how I do my bun, I would be glad to share! I don’t know why I made it so complicated, but here is the method to my madness *insert evil cackles*    Anyways…

  1. Comb hair while it’s dry (flip head upside down, comb underside and outer)
  2. Spray it with water, and put into pony tail
  3. Put gel/smoothing product to slick it back. I use Bumble and Bumble grooming cream.
  4. Take out of pony, spray with water/comb again, put back in pony
  5. Proceed to twisting up.
  6. Start pinning… I know I’m crazy, but I use 20-30 pins on average!!! Probably not necessary…
  7. Spray with hairspray, and hope your hair stays! The brand of spray I use is Bamboo anti humidity hair spray… smells nice, too!
  8. Add a couple clips for any excess hair on side of head.

I know… I may tend to overcomplicate! Hopefully, those steps and tips helped you, though. I try to get good quality when possible. All hair is different, though. Being with straight, fine hair, those methods/products work great for me! If you have other products working better for your hair, feel free to share, and maybe save some people from split ends!


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