Buying/organizing Dance Bags

Go BIG! I got a rather large bag, because by the time it’s performance season, I’ll sometimes be stuffing my make-up kit into it. Also, if you have pointe shoes, that requires a sewing kit along with padding handy, and a clean spot in your bag for the actual pointe shoes. If you find a bag with a separate shoe compartment, DO IT!! I have pointe shoes/regular shoes away from possible food spillage/other stuff, and it works great!! My bag is from REI, keep in mind that, if you go looking there, it’s called a gym bag, but works just as well as a dance bag! Great quality, and they had teal… my favorite color. Finally, on to water bottles, what you can pack in that nifty compartment if you get a bag with a bottle holder! My awesome REI bag  has a holder, but my water is so huge, I don’t like to risk it falling out! Very useful for smaller drinks, though. My point is, size up! A girl can always have more stuff in her bag, (as long as your back doesn’t start hurting from carrying), and it’s never fun to go thirsty! The brand of water bottle I get has been spotted at Whole Foods, PCC, even a little co-op store had it in stock! The Life factory water bottles are glass (Bonus: No drinking out of plastic/tin:), they have a cover, are dishwasher safe, and have been around $20 in the places I’ve located it. These are amazing! The sturdy water bottles have been dropped many times my clumsy me, but have mostly been fine, unless you hit it in the perfect sweet spot. (My guess is that it breaks if dropped in section of non-covered.) I hope you have been referred to awesome supplies, so that you can stay as organized as me!


1.unnamed  Teal gym bag from REI

2.unnamed (2)  Life Factory glass bottles

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