Nutcracker rehearsal

“I think the rehearsals may be downstairs!” I relayed this to my dance friends, after not seeing the studio on the top floor set up for us.

“Really?” That was the first scare of October 31st! After checking the sheet full of times and places, our anxiousness turned into hurrying. Ballerinas were  scattered about the top floor, waiting for practice to begin. Wondering why Mara wasn’t in the studio had been entering our minds seconds before, thinking the session was in studio “A” like last time… Next moment, dancers were all about, stuffing objects into ballet bags, and padding down to the bottom floor.

“Meet you downstairs!” I called to my mom, as I gathered the last of my things to go down to studio “C”, that was the last floor. When riding down the elevator with friends, we always call it “The Basement.” Although, it’s still above ground, just fun to say!

“Okay, I’ll be down in a minute.” replied my mom, but I like to be reassured. Another trait about me!

“So…I will meet you down there after rehearsal, right?” mind now at rest in that sense, my brain went back to turning like machinery about “The Nutcracker!”

Sticky dancers burst out of the room,  just as I threw down my bag. Happy that we had used common sense, and checked downstairs, I hustled to get my supplies organized.

“Will you tell me if it starts?” scurrying down the hall, Solveig briefly mentioned to me.

“Sure,” I replied. Assuming that rehearsal wouldn’t start for another couple minutes, I promised my friend. Then, I ran down the hall to get everything in order before class. Finally getting my sweater tucked away, and making sure I knew which Ugs were mine, (A huge percentage of classmates seems to have that brand of snuggly boots), Mara greeted me as I walked into the room.

“Let’s start with the first cast.” Announced Mara, as I took my place in line. The familiar music lit up  the room seconds later, including brightening my eyes, as they transformed into being as alert as firecrackers! Seeing the little boys doing their march, I kept my attention focused on the first girl in line, waiting to see her execute “Sous sue!”

Running gracefully out to the center of the room, I tip-toed around my little buddy. As the music piece went on, and my mind continued turning, I became aware of Oleg saying,

“Bring your arms up into 5th!” I nodded, understanding what he meant.

Preparing…preparing.. That’s the cue! Our “parents” had just formed a circle, and were dancing around. Us kids then made a large circle enclosing them, and skipped around.

It was the party scene, after all, why not have parents? As awkward as it is in practice having someone not much older than you as your “parent”, through makeup and stage lights, the teens can look realistic! Not that I’m saying it’s not weird anymore…You learn to improvise, be a dance family, and just have fun through the winter production!

Walking out, we all excitedly clap as we stop skipping, and spot Drosselmeyer. Through pantomiming, the story of “The Nutcracker” carries on.

Cradling our presents, (invisible dolls until the actual show,) the acting and beyond-happy girls continues.

Before we know it, our practice was already half-way through! The piece I had just described, along with many more steps/parts, had already been done over and over. That’s just ballerinas. Everyone knows it will never be perfect, but 99% IS still better than 98%.

After consulting with Oleg, Mara spoke out, “Now cast 2.” Now, it was time for the other dancers to get situated. Going through the same steps as I had just performed, the other cast danced with active faces, while I marked the steps with watchful eyes, and a thoughtful mind.

“Okay, we are done now.” Mara announced with a polite smile, as we all curtseyed to the teachers. Acting, acting, acting that day. The crazy is just beginning, so keep watching for posts on how the production went, and maybe more rehearsals! I would hope that the behind-the-scenes has encouraged you to watch the exciting show!!


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