Ahhhh…Saturday morning routines

“Cuz that’s me without you, oh oh oh oh!” Probably holding a record soon of playing this song every morning for weeks! Good thing it’s one of my favorite songs, because I play it every morning for my alarm, worried that since I am so accustomed to that song as a wake-up alarm, I will just incorporate a new song into my dreams… Ever do that? Like, say you are dreaming about unicorns, (I don’t know;), and your neck is in an awkward position in your bed, and then… Bam! You have a unicorn with a hurt neck in your dreams. Am I just crazy? Anyways… I DO NOT want to miss pointe shoe class and Nutcracker rehearsal, so I’m sticking to the old, but good, song. Even if it means unintentionally memorizing the lines. Sometimes I just get so much in one routine…

I used to be allergic to peanuts, and then I took an allergy test, and I wasn’t allergic anymore, and then for about a year I didn’t eat peanuts. (About the time when I went grain-free, so I didn’t feel like I had anything to put peanut butter on.) Now, it’s been more than 2 years without eating it, and I’m skeptical of what will happen if I do eat peanuts!!

Now, where was I? Oh… Ok! My eyes slowly opened… 7:53 exactly. 2 minutes to slowly get up… Then start getting ready for ballet at 7:55, so I can be all ready by 9:20. Can you tell I’m a planner?

Walking into my bathroom, after a slight party dance, (thinking about party scene rehearsal that very day), I quickly brushed my teeth.

Snuggling up in my fuzzy jacket, my tired limbs from ballet class yesterday carried me down the stairs.

Now, I get to share with you my fuel in the morning! Breakfast! I love designing/assembling  food, so I make breakfast for my mom every morning, too. Starting off with Elleno’s greek yogurt, or any greek yogurt, you can find the brand I use by typing in http://ellenose.com .) I then top the creamy substance with ground pecans, cocoa nibs, and seasonal fruit. Here are some health benefits I found of pecans: They are full of healthy fats, good source of vitamin E, and rich in minerals! Cocoa nibs have the chocolate/caffeine factor as they’re what’s before processing it into chocolate bars, but I like the taste, and never notice a drastic mood change for the minimal amounts. Everybody is different, though:). I enjoy Theo’s cocoa nibs. Theo’s chocolate in general, actually. ANY chocolate in general… Now we are talking! Definitely when you make chocolate fondue, dip strawberries in it, and give it to me, then we are pals;) On to the fun part… Fruit!!! Fruit is one of my #1 snacks being grain-free. In my opinion, it should be everyone’s top snack, as fresh fruits are packed with health!!! No excuses, too, because if you buy your fruit with no added sugars, (or make your own) dried fruits are your next go-to for traveling, in your ballet bag, or as you are waiting for those yummy grain-free cookies to finish cooking:). As an extra post sometime, maybe I will blog about Larabars, (Hint:Fruit+nuts=Larabar) and more of my favorite grain-free snacks, and how they are awesome! Feel free to share some of your wheat, rice, and oat free snacks or dishes, too. I would love to try them if I haven’t already, or give them my perspective! As my first entry has been a lot about my routine before ballet on Saturdays, the next writing section will be about what happened during class that rehearsal on Halloween, and a personal narrative I wrote about the audition for “The Nutcracker!” If you stick with me, in January or December, look forward to hearing about the performances of “The Nutcracker!”

2 thoughts on “Ahhhh…Saturday morning routines

  1. YUMMY! I learned to eat yoghurt with fruit for breakfast when I was visiting in Israel. I even have used it over dry cereal (whole grains only though). Just a quick note to say I posted a link to your blog on mine (chain page).
    I hope more people come see your blog from mine. I do okay on weekly stats so I am hoping it helps the people I have links to. http://www.suziland.net


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