Toasted Cashews/strawberry puree

I’m so excited! So excited! I get to share my creation… My taste buds love flavor, know flavor, and enjoy making new combinations. It all started when I wanted a crunchy, sweet, satisfying trail mix to bring along to long Nutcracker performance days. As I was browsing through Pinterest, I was looking for mixes with nuts… Continue reading Toasted Cashews/strawberry puree

Nutcracker audition

“I wonder who our teacher is.” *Excited ballerinas talking* “Do you think it will be Mara? *More anxious discussion…* Maybe it would be Oleg or Karen today!” *Wondering girls… Curious girls…* “Class is at 5:30 today, right, girls?” Low voice speaking with a definite uniqueness to it. Bold and Russian. Can’t be Mara or Karen…… Continue reading Nutcracker audition